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L. Ron Hubbard's Lectures 1956-08 Games Congress

1956-08 Games Congress Hot

October 13, 2012    
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L. Ron Hubbard

Games Congress

August--September 1956, 13 lectures

The lectures in this series furnish Ron's well-reasoned take on the age old cliche, Life is a game. He doesn't leave it at that, however, but identifies the factors involved in games and, by extension, life itself: freedom, barriers and purposes. Taking it a step further, he describes what are termed games conditions and no-games conditions and their effects of every aspect of living. He then goes on to describe the four types of games, including the most dangerous of the four: the games a person does not know he is playing. That is the only type of game that becomes aberrative. The elements presented here explain why people love to have problems and why they are so miserable without adequate challenge in their lives. Ron released the book Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought at this Congress, calling it the Book One of Scientology.

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