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grampaOur editorial policy is HONESTY

At we are just fine with reality — good or bad, whatever it is. We do not edit reviews or try to cherry pick only "good" ones. We believe people deserve the truth so they can make up their own minds. Instead of reading glossy testimonials that have been polished by copywriters and even a Chairman of the Board, we give you reality — teeth, hair and all.

We believe you aren't stupid. Reality is never perfection. Sometimes it helps to know a little something about the person writing the review. Given a negative review and a positive review, we believe you can read between the lines and we've done what we could to make the circumstances as transparent as possible. For example, you will be able to see where the person who is writing the review stands with Scientology. Indie? Churchie? Ex? Other?

In the case of a negative review on an organization, if a representative from the organization feels the reviewer misrepresented what happened, he or she is free to contact us to propose a rebuttal. However, the rebuttal would have to be from someone in the organization who was actually there in the incident. In other words, if you went into a Church of Scientology and the Executive Director treated you badly, you would be free to write a review detailing your experience. If the E.D. disagreed with your version of the facts, he or she could propose a rebuttle. A rebuttal would not be acceptable from a third party who was not actually there.

But in the case of an auditor, the situation is different and requires an exception: if an ex-client writes a negative review on an auditor, the auditor cannot write a rebuttal because of point #2 of the Auditor's Code:

"2. I promise not to invalidate the preclear's case or gains in or out of session."

To allow negative reviews on auditors would be rather imbalanced, like a boxing match where one fighter was not allowed to hit back. An organization is not the same as an individual. Auditors are valuable people. We need many more of them and they deserve support.

The only other alternative would be to leave them out altogether, but that would be even worse.


If you have experience with Scientology products or services please write a consumer review. In some cases our moderators may follow up with an email to verify you really did the service before your review is posted. Verifying facts when necessary helps us keep the quality high to provide more usable reviews.

We will print the good with the bad, as long as it is sincere.

Not everyone sees things the same way. But honesty generally rings true.

We think the more your opinion helps others the more your opinion matters.

Thank you for helping to make this website a great resource for others.