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L. Ron Hubbard's Lectures 1962-09 Clearing Success Congress

1962-09 Clearing Success Congress

October 13, 2012    
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L. Ron Hubbard

Clearing Success Congress

September 1962, 8 lectures.

This was the last of the Congresses and, fittingly, he described at length the one factor that underlies everything in a person's bank: Basic Purpose. Every engram, every bit of energy existing in a person's reactive mind, he determined, existed because of a change or alteration of the person's basic purpose. Such a sweeping discovery would, in a few years, lead to development of the Grade Chart, to the Organizing Board and to the Clearing Course itself. Here also is Ron's overview of how different aspects of the Scientology movement align and fit together: the technology, the organization and the combined efforts of Scientologists. This was the basic road map for Scientology into the future.

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