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L. Ron Hubbard's Lectures 1961-12 Clean Hands Congress

1961-12 Clean Hands Congress

October 13, 2012    
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L. Ron Hubbard

Clean Hands Congress (previously released as Expansion of Havingness)

December 1961 - January 1962, 9 lectures.

Now hard at work delivering the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, Ron traveled to Washington, DC, to brief American Scientologists of the developments happening in the UK. These included the beginnings of modern auditing procedure and a new, more workable E-meter as well as information on the SHSBC. Technically, he then announced his discovery of the mechanism that would become a focus of the Briefing Course throughout its duration: the Goals Problem Mass or GPM, which he described as, "Masses of mental energy, you might say, burned down to the last notch, and nobody can get rid of the cinders." The mechanism of withholds was found to be crucial in discharging the GPM and these lectures describe how withholds affect one's reach, what they do to the bank and affect one's beingness. The new, more sensitive meter was important in discovering and relieving these case barriers.

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