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L. Ron Hubbard's Lectures 1957-02 17th American Advanced Clinical Course

1957-02 17th American Advanced Clinical Course

November 08, 2012    
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L. Ron Hubbard

17th American Advanced Clinical Course

February-March 1957, 43 lectures

Ron establishes an important datum at the outset of this series: that increased awareness is the only factor that offers a road to improvement. He then proceeds to demonstrate how that is achieved through Procedure CCH, Control, Communication and Havingness. Lack of control is what causes a person to introvert, Ron says, and communication and havingness each play important roles in helping to extrovert again. Ron defines a professional Scientologist as "one who uses Scientology to further the business of livingness for himself and his  fellows." Thus, the stress in these lectures on the importance of exercising good control anywhere in life.

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