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October 15, 2012    
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Incomm is an acronym that stands for International Network of Computer Organized Management. They operate Scientology's internal computer network. This network was ahead of its time originally, with a worldwide email system in 1983, but soon became antiquated and is today woefully behind the times, mostly because of David Miscavige's personal dislike of the Internet, which he cannot control. At the Int Base, Incomm normally consisted of two people. The main organization was located in LA, in the PAC complex (blue buildings) right on Fountain Avenue. In 1995 there was a huge security breach within Incomm and all the staff and most of the organization was demolished.

One of Incomm's most ridiculous projects pushed into existence by David Miscavige was the "Target Nudge and Tally" program, or TNT for short. This idiotic program was intended to force staff to comply to programs written by executives from higher organizations. Essentially, once due dates for program targets were fed into the computer, it would nudge, nudge, nudge the staff members down the lines, sending out snow storms of infos to ccs. If the staff member did not comply, the computer was all set to request ethics investigations of greater and greater severity starting at the bottom and working it's way up. The TNT system was one of the most colossal inept management blunders ever seen, just a hint of things to come under Miscavige.

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